This episode is the last of the first three shows recorded in March of 2016. In this episode of the Verbal Graffiti Podcast, we began to comment on the book titled “The Power Of Broke” by Daymond John. It is the first book being reviewed by our Book Klub and we are currently offering FREE Books to anyone who wants to join this gang of book reading hoodlums.  Obviously, this is all in fun but one of the goals of this Podcast is to encourage our community to read at least one book a month, which equates to 20 or 30 minutes a day. We will select a new book every month and give a brief review of each book twice within a 30-day cycle. Anyone wishing to join can do so by sending us an email to There will be a limited monthly supply so if interested you would want to be among our first responders.  A future goal of the Podcast is to give out books selected by the Book Klub to local Schools in order to encourage kids to read suggested books and participate in the Book Klub!

Additionally, we discussed the Hood Morning America Wake up Challenge! That’s simply the creation of daily habits or routines initiated every morning aimed at increasing productivity and vitality throughout the day. The first challenge is to drink 16 ounces of water immediately after you wake up in the morning.  Studies have shown that there are many Health Benefits to drinking water as soon as you wake up and we agree that doing this will not only provide a revitalization of energy, but it was also jump started your metabolism. Please keep in mind that drinking water is only the first challenge, we will add on new challenges with every episode to creating the optimal step by step morning routine.

In this podcast, we also released a new song titled Again! The song is promoting a healthy lifestyle and just maybe the theme music for the show, who knows! It’s just a lil’ something that Rick Cruz had in his archives but you got to admit that beat is hot! Also, make sure to check out other news and updates from Biltmore Records! We will talk to you again soon.

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