After listening to the second episode of the Verbal Graffiti Podcast you may be thinking “what does this show have to do with Hip-Hop?” Well, it’s simple, this show is about inspiring our audience to get out of its comfort zone.  It’s about challenging ourselves, to take action NOW in order to fully pursue whatever we set out to achieve. The show references comments from Mrs. Tamara Bunte, America’s #1 Sales Coach who just wrote a book titled “PROVERBS FOR SELLING” available on  We also referenced Tony Robins’s 7 Master Steps To Creating Lasting Change.  Again., we are not trying to teach this information but rather inspire our audience to look further into these resources for more helpful insight into overcoming challenges to business and personal goals.   
The first podcast also received criticism via email, as well as feedback from friends.  We narrowed it down to the top 5 critiques of the show and shared them along with our comments. The idea is that Rome was not built in a day, and this podcast will not be an overnight success, but we do plan to build it up to the point where it can be the absolute best Podcast out there (respectfully). So stay tuned. 
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