VGP Episode 004 The ketogenic diet (keto), key to Cancer Prevention & Healthy Living

Episode 004 of the Verbal Graffiti Podcast is a reintroduction of sorts. The show’s host Rick Cruz talks about the show’s new tagline which is Business, Finance and lifestyle optimization.  The word optimization actually means the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. The podcast is a road map for success in those key areas. The road map is not provided by Rick Cruz but provided by respected experts in related fields. The advice of respected leaders is then utilized by Rick Cruz as part of his social experiment and shared in the podcast.  Every day we receive all kinds of advice on business, finance, and lifestyle on-line, and most of us do not have time to research or execute on those ideas.  This podcast is about the execution of those suggested strategies, and you the audience have a front row seat to that endeavor. The timing of the podcast is being synchronized with Biltmore Records website updates and the release of new music that will also be available on iTunes.  Episode 4 of the Verbal Graffiti Podcast also referenced THE MODEL HEALTH SHOW with Shawn Stevenson. ( We suggested that our audience subscribes to that podcast, and lock in Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website; as well.  The article discussed on WEB MD’s involvement with Monsanto pharmaceutical can be found on as well (  We will always do our best to provide our audience with valuable information that they can incorporate into their lives, and that information will be applied by Rick Cruz first as your human Business, Finance, and Lifestyle Ginni pig.  Welcome to the Verbal Graffiti Podcast Episode 004.