Hello & Welcome

Yes! This is the official Website for Charlotte’s Cruz Control  Podcast.  I am guessing that since you are visiting you are interested in learning more about who we are, or who I am, and what this Podcast is all about.  Well, it’s quite simple mind you.  This Podcast is your source for All Things Charlotte! Although, it will be quite subjective of course, and it will include other parts of the region including South Carolina if it’s relevant to Charlotte. Have I confused you yet? Well let’s just stick with this Podcast is about “All things Charlotte”.  The food, business, entertainment, people, lifestyle, events, the market and overall social atmosphere and climate.  However, there is one thing that I am ethically obligated to tell you. I’m not from Charlotte…  Now hold on… before you go clicking off to another page all willie nilly,  I’m a finna explain that this makes it all the more interesting because you get a fresh view on “Charlotte” from someone not born and raised here.  Well, technically I must say that the majority of the people you will meet in Charlotte, North Carolina were not born and raised here either,.. but let’s just say that it will be worthwhile nonetheless.

Me. I’m from a Big City called New York, that’s close to New Jersey in case you never heard of it.  I moved to Charlotte in July of 2001.  It was a great year.  I moved right into the most luxurious apartments over in East Charlotte, you know right next to the Eastland Mall.  The mall that is now closed due to someone getting shot there almost every weekend.  However, since I’m from NY I felt right at home. “People get shot everyday B” (In my Jay-Z voice).  Anyways, please excuse any grammatical errors on this site.  I am trying to do a Podcast, not trying to win an award for being grammatically correct or a spelling B.  Ok back to my story.  Since moving here in 2001 I have lived and traveled the city, embraced the culture and the people, attended ever event the city offers and trust me there are a lot!  Honestly, I have to say that there is something for everyone here in Charlotte, you just got to know where to look… and that is what this podcast is about.